September 27, 2022
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Do women really need to shave their Hair on the lower part of the hypogastric region?

The question on whether to shave or not to shave can be somewhat controversial. There have been many discussions around it and people are starting to ask themselves why they spend so much money on shaving products every month and whether it is actually necessary.

For us to answer these questions, we need to first see what science says about it. Researchers have studied this for a long time and they have noted that pubic hair has protective functions.

It is important that we explore what they are there for and also understand if there are any major benefits if you decide to trim them.

Let us investigate and answer some of these questions below:

  • Pubic hair can protect you from infections

Few people know the bacteria fighting properties that pubic hair has. It is said that if you keep your hair ‘down there’, you are helping your body keep urinary tract Infections, yeast infections and other stubborn infections away.

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To add on to this, some studies have shown that you are getting better protection from sexually transmitted infections too by embracing your pubic hair.

  • The hairs also serve as a barrier from friction

While we move around every day, those sensitive areas can suffer due to friction. The skin around the area is one of the most fragile as compared to other parts of the body, and since it is constantly rubbing against clothes, it is prone to friction discomfort.

If you choose not to shave, you are preventing this discomfort in that area which is an added advantage.

  • It’s easier to maintain

We often don’t realize how much we spend on razors, waxing appointments and creams just to keep the hair away.


Let us not even talk about the extra maintenance you need to do in case you keep experiencing in grown hairs and other issues from shaving or waxing.

You can choose to do a bit of trimming once in a while if the hairs grow too long, but for some people, this is much better than the stress of shaving almost every week.

  • Shaving is more aesthetically desirable 

This is probably the number one reason why many shave religiously. For them, it looks neater and it is less embarrassing to have your hairs sticking out while you are in your bathing suit.

In a way, it is more socially acceptable to trim everything so many people would choose to quickly get rid of any hair peeping out.

  • Shaving is a grooming preference for many
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Aside from the beauty side of it, many people also don’t like the feeling of having hairs in that area. Sometimes they can grow too long, too quickly which can be a very uncomfortable experience if they get caught in your clothes.

The other thing is the sweat that gets trapped. The hairs trap in a lot of moisture which many people don’t like.

In conclusion

So, the main question is whether you must shave or not. From these points, it is not necessary. The only thing that you need to do if you are considering letting the hairs grow is proper hygiene. As long as you keep the area clean, there is really no big reason why you have to shave everything all the time.

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